Why have I received a letter about CVA?

If you have received letter about CVA, you have the opportunity to vote on the Proposed Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA). Please follow the instructions in the letter to cast your vote to approve the CVA by 21st Dec. Your support is much appreciated.

How does this affect Gift Cards, Layaway and Returns?

If you are a Take Time To Pay customer and have received a letter regarding the Proposed Company Voluntary Arrangement then please be assured that there is no problem or risk with your order.

Letters have been sent to all customers who had not yet collected their Take Time To Pay order. We apologise if the letter has caused you any unnecessary alarm.

If you have recently collected your order from our stores then no further action is necessary.

If you have not yet collected your order then we can confirm that all stores will continue to trade throughout the Christmas period and into the New Year and we are honouring all of our Take Time to Pay agreements, gift cards and returns. We look forward to welcoming you into our store when you are ready to finalise your agreement and collect your items.

Where can I get more information?

For more information about the proposed CVA then please visit www.toysrusinc.com/cvaprocess